For Getting a connection you have to Book your Connection on our Website or By calling 97777-03992 or Visit to our Office. After Booking done we need Maximum 3 Days to complete our all Activities followed by Technical feasibility + Cable Availability + KYC + Modem Installation.

For Opt. A Broadband connection over fiber optic You need to purchase a Fiber modem which will cost You Between 1500 to 4000 as per your requirement. its Available with us at Product store. Fiber Optical Cable will be Provided By Us to Connect Our Network Junction to Your Modem which is Free of cost in most of the Cases. In Some Cases we Ask for Extra Amount for installation & Fiber Cable where our network is not available but customer ask to provide connection with his/her special request. The Actual Cost will be inform while doing feasibility by our field staff. 

We don’t Take any Security Deposit in Advance for Any Device installed at your Place. 500/-  Installation Charge for New Connection or 1500/- for installation charge including upto 100mtr 2f optic cable on rental. Modem can be Purchase By Yourself as you Desired OR You Can Opt. Our Welcome Offer Plans with One Time Payment in Which You will Get Modem and Internet plan. We collect Actual Amount Against the Valid Invoice After All Installation and Internet Activation Done at your desired Place.

No There is No official Hidden Cost. YES There may be extra amount charge by our installation Team for any Civil work like Drilling Wall for Hole to Insert Fiber Cable to Your House. Piping, Electrification, Clipping, Wall mounting, Cable Clamping, Extra Lan Cabling for Connect your Devices as per actual cost Basis. As these all are Extra Work Activities Attract Actual Cost as per the Material, Time & Effort Used to Satisfy your Actual Requirement. Apart from these if you give any Tip to our Any employee we don’t consider it as a official part of Billing. if any Employee ask for Tip Forcefully you can inform Our Helpline Regarding This.

No, There is no Refundable amount after disconnection. Because we Don’t Keep any Security Deposit Amount at the time of Installation. The Device has been Sold to you for your Your Internet Service Use. This device can be used for Any Broadband Service Provider all over the world and warranty also provided by the Manufacturer with Invoice Provided By Us at the Time of Installation.

WiFi usually works on 2 bands, 2.4 and 5GHz. These are the radio frequencies that WiFi router works on. Meaning, your PC/Smartphone/Tablet would have a 2.4 or 5 (or both) wireless antenna to connect to a router.

Single band is 2.4GHz only, while dual would have both.

2.4GHz has more range and less performance over WiFi Speed Delivery Upto 50mbps, while the 5GHz has a shorter range and better performance over WiFi Speed Delivery Upto 300mbps.

DualBand Modem is 2X Costly as compare to SingleBand Modems.

After Successful Activation You will get a UserID and Password for Login. Visit Our Customer Portal in our website www.bsbroadband.in on your Browser OR using the Android Mobile App BSBROADBAND from us. LogIn to your Account and Get all info.

We Provide #1 Static/Public IP Free in Corporate Plans Only. Other Broadband Plan User can Opt Static/Public IP with additional Cost of Rs. 350 + 18% Gst Per Month. which will be added with Plan rental.

If its something generic, then its fixed as soon as you report it to us via our helpdesk. But if its Redlight Blinking on modem – Ie. fiber cut, then its always going to take time, can be 24 hours or even more depending on complexity of the situation. And if its bad weather or rainy weather, road side fiber work is not done. We wait for poles to get dried off next day and then the work is done. Safety is our main concern for our team members. If we are Delayed more the 72hr the we will Pay for These downtime to your BSBROADBAND wallet as PerDay calculated on plan value.

Speed test should only be done at www.speedtest.net with BISWAROOP SOLUTION server selected on the map. We only test the connectivity speeds till our own node/server. And this speedtest should be done over the wired LAN only. Do not test or look at WiFi speeds, as thats Varies with Local Interference & Weather scope.

Yes, You can book your shifting location request over helpline Number. we need 7 days to do feasibility for you new location. if that location is feasible then we will shift your modem to that location against payment of Rs. 500/-

Complaint can be book By calling Helpline: 9777703992. On Selfcare portal/Mobile App. You can also Book on WebChat available on our website.

Yes, You can Opt Home plan for office use But billing cannot be done in the office name. You can Activate with Aadhaar card Name. It recommended to all business user who has GST Number Are requested to take BUSINESS/ CORPORATE Plan for getting GST benefit with B2B invoice billing.

Yes, you can upgrade downgrade anytime, but rental payment is non refundable and non adjustable, so you will lose your active remaining subscription days if you upgrade or downgrade in the middle of an active subscription. You are not recommended to change your plan if you are already in an existing live subscription. As our Plans are 30 das validity. so you are requested to Schedule your Change plan request by calling helpline Before Last day of plan tariff.

Yes, You can pay Cash at our Office 11AM-07PM All day. or You can Book Cash pickup request to collect at your door step. (Note: Cash Pickup will be chargeable Rs. 30/- with in 5km from our office)

The amount Rs. 100/- will be credited to your BSBROADBAND Wallet once your reference connection becomes activated.

After Successful Activation of your Friends connection, you have to Claim Rs. 100/- within 7 working days by Providing Referral Booking Detail at Our Helpline Number.

✔ An internet leased line is a premium internet connectivity product.
✔ An internet leased line is dedicated and provides un-contended symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads.
✔ The internet lease line is majorly used by enterprises and businesses.
✔ The enterprises and businesses used ILL to transfer large amount of data over internet.